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Bear Valley Library is one of six Denver Public Library branches designated as a Contemporary Service Style. After completing the program for this service style, studiotrope was commissioned to implement the new design guidelines and reinvent the interior of this branch. Looking back to history of the site we found images of Native Americans living near a small creek where trees were clustered along the water. This led us to think about how important the tree was in this environment: shelter; tool making; security; warmth, etc. We also began to look at the tree as an abstract form to examining the pattern of their rings and color variations. Along with that we looked to incorporate water and how it reflects its surroundings and the journey of the bear in the valley. Furnishings and wayfinding have been integrated into the overall retrofit in a manner that lends to self-help and self-discovery. A component of the program unique to the Contemporary Service Style is the ‘beehive’, a space that beckons and intrigues customers to stay in touch with current trends and the latest information. Furnishings in the beehive cater to intensified customer/staff interactivity, encouraging information seekers to mix with information providers.


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