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Colorado Children's Medical Group is a pediatrician's office located within the Parker Adventist Hospital in Colorado.  When the owners moved their offices from Aurora, they were looking to increase their client base and develop their identity as a progressive, highly professional establishment. Traditionally, pediatric office color palettes have been pastels--anything but red! However, utilizing basic color theory, studiotrope identified primary colors associated with childhood: red for power, blue for calm and yellow for happiness. These colors and their emotional ties became the basis for the design. We also tapped into the owner's affinity for modern art by referencing the Mondrian grid in the design of the reception desk. To add movement, circles were placed throughout the space including a comforting circular child's cubby in the waiting area and a bouncing line that guides patients through the office as wayfinding.


"You did a fabulous job.  I just LOVE it and so do my patients.  You are the best!"
-Dr. Jill Weiner, Colorado Children's Medical

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