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phoenix housing prototypes

The contemporary city contains numerous infrastructures which mediate between the natural topography/climate and the manmade artifacts/shelters. In Phoenix, due to the availability of cheap land at the margins of an undefined periphery, the vast majority of urban fabric has been under-utilized, resulting in an un-synthesized city sporadically filled with an abundance of vacant landscape.  For the potential of these locations (rich in the ingredients of place) to be realized it is essential that the infrastructure aid/inform place-making, rather than merely place-servicing.

Threshold / Microclimates _ Filtering the dynamic qualities of climate through the static qualities of the architectural elements with the intent of enriching the temporal conditions of space.

Destination / Circulation _ Re-establishing the importance of the journey to disallow any instantaneous understandings.

Front yard / Back yard _ Establishing an integration with the exterior environment without being trapped into acting solely as a mediator between the front and back yards.

Street-front / public transportation _ Addressing the street in a transitional manner, as a result of its particular pedestrian or vehicular characteristics.

Public / Private _ Reinterpreting the distinction between personal identity and collectivity with the objective of offering both simultaneously.

Affordability / Flexibility _ Applying modular design and construction techniques to provide a feeling of permanence while allowing numerous configurations instead of a single prototype.

Typology / Topography _ Developing several layers autonomously and combining each, given a specific set of conditions, as a means of preventing homogeneity.

Symbolization / Complementation _ Preserving the meaning of the existing natural elements as a means of heightening environmental realizations (i.e. cultivation, conservation).

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