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The Prêt a Porter Fashion Show is a feature event for the Rocky Mountain Chapter ASID held each fall in Denver. Leading architecture, interior design firms and students showcase their creativity in this chic fashion show of garments crafted with a diverse range of interior finishes.

2015 | Future Undefined_

Disarmature: The ethereal line between protected and exposed.

Our concept provides the necessary protection from
futuristic elements and will stand the test of time.
Mixture of natural wood elements and durable vinyl
provides a long lasting/ sustainable approach that
does not contribute to the VOC to the elements of the future.

DREAM TEAM_Tina Kivalu, Jared Floyd, Patty Gut, Vickki Arnouts, Kim Allen, Maria Pinzon,

MODEL_Philip Persson

2008 | REEDiscovery_

REED : A tall slender grass plant with jointed stalks that grows in marshes and other wet areas
Discovery : Finding something new either actively or passively

DREAM TEAM_Roze Vajda, Alan Vajda, Dana Grassmid, Sandy Ha, Justin Martinez, Jodanna Martinez and Kelton Osborn

2007 | The Edge of Innocence_

Traversing the emotional landscape between childhood naiveté and adolescent angst, this persona exudes an intense tension inside and out. The delicate juxtaposed with the edgy, both in texture and palette. The outfit was entirely hand crafted of carpet supplied by J + J Invision.

DREAM TEAM_Fashionista extraordinaire: Mondo Model; Chelle; sDC

2006 | Eco|x|centric_

Eco-Eccentric celebrates relationships between organisms and their environment by adapting to its subtle changes. Shattering misconceptions that the bizarre can’t be sensible, most of these fabrics are recycled AND recyclable.

DREAM TEAM_Roze Vajda, Dana Grassmid, Sandy Ha, Justin Martinez, Jodanna Martinez and Kelton Osborn

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