Studiotrope believes there is a great difference between a project and the VOICE of a project. All projects have a VOICE, but not all VOICEs have a project. The VOICE of the project is NOT the VOICE of any individual person or thing (i.e. the client, the user-group, the program or site, the consultants or contractors), it is the VOICE of all these entities combined. As designers it is our responsibility to identify, translate, and ultimately manifest this VOICE into built form on the plane of existence we understand.

Studiotrope believes in challenging each and every project. More importantly, we include our clients in this process. If our clients are not challenging their project’s potential we have failed in our charge to truly listen to the VOICE of the project.

Studiotrope believes the VOICE is the projects’ consciousness. Just like a tree has a tendency to grow in a certain way, our projects must also be particular to their site and program. Its VOICE, essentially, is the project's growth tendencies.